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A Flower Films Production

  • Donnie Darko
    Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Gretchen Ross
    Jena Malone

  • Seth Devlin
    Alex Greenwald

  • Ricky Danforth
    Seth Rogen

  • Dr. Kenneth Monnitoff
    Noah Wyle

  • Dr. Lilian Thurman
    Katharine Ross

  • Karen Pomeroy
    Drew Barrymore

  • Rose Darko
    Mary McDonnell

  • Elizabeth Darko
    Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • Samantha Darko
    Daveigh Chase

  • Jim Cunningham
    Patrick Swayze

  • Ronald Fisher
    Stuart Stone

  • Sean Smith
    Gary Lundy

  • Dr. Paul Fisher
    Arthur Taxier

  • Dr. Henry Cole
    David Moreland

  • Kitty Farmer
    Beth Grant

  • Shanda Riesman
    Rachel Winfree

  • Larry Riesman
    Jack Salvatore

  • Sherita Chen
    Jolene Purdy

  • Linda Connie
    Lisa K. Wyatt

  • Writer/Director
    Richard Kelly

  • Executive Producer
    Drew Barrymore

  • Producers
    Adam Fields
    Sean McKittrick
    Nancy Juvonen

  • Composer
    Michael Andrews