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"Donnie Darko" - A Review by 'Sasquatch' (Positive, Very Minor Spoilers)

I had absolutely no knowledge of this film when I went to see it a few nights ago at a sneak. But, I was pleasantly surprised.

It started out as some kind of cheesy horror/disturbing behaivior/faculty. And I was obviously upset. Although, as soon as I had thought of those movies, it changed. It became funny, and meant to. Some of the jokes in the movie are actually clever and had the audience laughing heartily. It still left in the horror part, but it only seemed to be a catalyst to get you from each scene that was enjoyable. It also showed how dark Donnie Darko's mind really was.

I have a complaint though, there were far too many characters in the film. I was intrigued by all of them, but found myself bothered that not all of them were expanded upon, I agree it is hard to do in two hours, but would have liked the film more if it were included. You have Donnie the main character, frank his imaginary friend, Donnie's family minus the little sister, his school buddies, three teachers, Donnie's girlfriend, and a few others. Now that is normal for a film, but I noticed them dwelling on a few of the characters, and it was just plain unnecessary. My only other complaint was the last scene in the movie. I was into the whole idea of what had happened and all the explanations (by the way, it is a kick ass ending

I was astounded to hear that the budget on this film was only $4.5 million, all showing in the special effects, which were really well done by the way. Some the scenes were genuinely interesting as well as beautiful (later in the film, you will understand).

I think it comes down to the fact that I really, really enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining, it kept me guessing until the last five minutes, it was semi-intelligent (which appeals to most of an audience), it was funny, and it had elements that were disturbing/creepy. Mind you it is not going to win any awards, but I recommend you go see it if you enjoyed Final Destination/Election/or any meant to be cliche' horror flick. I think that Drew Barrymore(Exec. Producer, actor) did a great job picking a winner. And if word gets out the likes of mine, I believe it will make money and be a surprise hit, as it was with me. I may in fact, go see it again.

[I would heavily recommend it to people in the age bracket of 15-25. Anywhere above is questionable, because a lot of the audience was older where I saw Donnie Darko, and they weren't keen on it.]